Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving . . . What the What?

Dreams, meet Man! 
In my life, change has always come with a big price. Sometimes those prices are bad, but a lot of the time it is good. Getting married changed my life more then anything that has happened so far (I know that will change once I've had the baby), and the price was amazing. Eternity to the man of my dreams!

Other major life changes, going back to school the price was giving up a full time job that I hated. Changing majors, the price on this one was a little hard to pay because I had to start over from scratch and start a brand new program at the University of Utah. That pretty much is going to suck.

But this move comes at a major unopprotune time. The baby is rearing to go, my body has started to 'ripen' for his birth. I thought everything was going to be okay, that I wasn't straining myself and working to hard, but apparently not. I was put on quasi-bed rest for the next week so baby doesn't feel the need to come until at least 37 weeks. The price of this move is costing us a good ward, but a not so good neighborhood. I really love my little kids in nursery, and the women of the ward have been great to me. But getting out of our neighborhood is exciting.
Yes, please handle with care, unless you want
a crazy pregnant woman on your behind!

Moving right now seems like a mountain, and I don't want a price to be that my sweet little boy comes early. So my sweet wonderful husband has confined me to the bed. I got up this morning to make a protein shake and as soon as I was done drinking it he shuttled me back to bed. :) Sweet man!  So here I am on a Sunday morning writing in a blog and thinking about all the things I need to get done for packing. AHHH! Idle hands make an idle mind. At least they do in my case.

So for all the mommies out there that have moved while pregnant, what have you done to 'lighten the load' so to speak? SUGGESTIONS??

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  1. I told Jake that we needed to get packed before I got too big to help move and he said "we can do this in a week if we need to" I thought he was joking. He was not. I ended up packing 2 weeks before we moved to Utah with a brand new baby and very little sleep. It was not fun.
    :D Maybe you should send out the bat signal?