Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why isn't there JUNK when I want IT!

So here is my question, when you are on a diet, is it a good thing to get rid of all the food in your house that isn't approved on the diet? Many say yes. Today I say


Abso-frickin-lutly not! I had a crap day. A bigger then crap day and I wanted to do the one thing that I have been trained to do when I am stressed out. EAT. But because there wasn't anything in the house I could eat, I had to munch on a mango, half a watermelon and a bean lettuce wrap.


Those aren't binging foods. Those are health foods. Thats like me going into a gluten free restaurant and asking for wheat bread. Lame!

To end the day, I was cramping (being a woman is great!), craving and cursing the fact that I was on this stupid diet that won't let me make the Red Velvet cake mix that was sitting on kitchen counter.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 lbs and counting!!!

I couldn't wait any more, I wanted to share my great news. As of Friday morning I have lost . . . .

9.6 lbs!!

YEAH ME! I haven't lost more then a few lbs over the last year and in just 4 days I lost almost 10 lbs. Can you believe it? I can't believe it. I was totally shocked when I saw the number on the scale. 206.6 lbs. So I started at 216.2 and now I'm 206.6.

But to be completely 1oo% honest, I did cheat at my sisters b-day party so I gained a few pounds. That was to be expected. I knew it would happen. But I've eaten pretty perfect, so I'm not worried. Tomorrow I'll be down even farther. I'm pretty psyched about it.

The food thing has been surprisingly easy. As long as I don't let myself get hungry, I'm able to keep the cravings down and the healthy food is getting better and better to the taste. We've been looking for new things to try and we're making some really great meals if I do say so myself. I made this really great broth soup that was cabbage and chickpeas, lots of spices and carrots etc. It looked a bit like chicken noodle soup, but tasted like a veggie broth soup. I really liked it and so did Jae, my sister. But Weston was kind of iffie. This has been harder then expected for him. I'm a bit surprised really. He is normally much better then I am at diets we try.

So tomorrow is Sunday, so I do a weight comparison and what not. I'm excited! Yeah team me!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 2 and a half!

Post that was supposed to be posted on Tuesday. I’m lame!

There are days where the only thing that is getting you through is the mantra “Just one more day, then the week is done, just one more day.” I’m feeling that way today. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel awful and I want to go to bed and sleep. It’s very frustrating because being an adult means you can’t just up and leave whenever you want to.

Yesterday Weston and I went to the restaurant called Soupilatious and Sweet Tomatoes. It’s a salad bar buffett that is perfect for the diet we’re on. All you can eat salad and vegetarian soups. LOVES! It was great because I got to fill up completely, but I wasn’t eating anything that wasn’t on our diet. (Lets not talk about the few bites of creamy tomato or creamy potato soup I had, that didn’t happen). Weston had a craptastic day and mine wasn’t much better, so when we got home from school and work, I said, “Off we get to Sweet Tomates!” Like how that almost, sort off rhymed?

The day was okay when it came to food.

Spinach (First time for the spinach!)

I don’t remember what was in it, but I do remember it was really good!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 of the Eat to Live cleanse

Day 1
Current weight 216.2


9:00am through 11:00am

Romaine lettace
Red Peppers


And then I was out of food! I cannot tell you how hungry I was by 3:30pm. I called Weston and told him that I might need him to bring me some food because my stomach was going to eat itself! Fruits and veggies go through me really fast. Its like I don't even realize that they have come and gone and I'm hungry again!

So here is the format for my documentation of my Eat to Live journey. I'm going to write every day and let you guys know what's been happening throughout the day. If I was able to eat everything I was supposed to. If I was ready to kill someone. If I was ready to kill myself . . . you know, that sort of thing.

Each week I'm going to update my weight. That way, I am held accountable to you guys for my weight loss and my strictness of my diet.

So, day one is now down. I'll update tomorrow.



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Veneers and Lorazepan . . . an ode to crazy!!


Monday was the Veneer Day! Here are the before and after pictures for my teeth. Now I know my picture of my before looks much better because of the fact that my make-up and hair are done, just ignore that. Just focus on my teeth.

It started Sunday night. I was given a prescription for Lorazepan. For those of you that don’t know what Lorazepan is, it is a sedative that works really really well! I took one Sunday night, on Monday morning and hour before the appointment and then 2 at 1:00pm during the appointment. Needless to say, I was totally out of it.

I don’t remember much of the appointment, only that the shots he gave me hurt really bad. More then normal. Weston thinks it’s because the Lorazepan blocked my ability to mentally cope with the shots. Also, he said one of them bled a lot. So that could have something to do with it. I’ve had so many shots lately though, that I think I’m getting good at taking them. Or . . . maybe not J.

Weston came to get me once the appointment was done. I was so out of it, I don’t remember him coming in our coming to get me. I remember being in the car and getting food. Then I remember waking up in my bed and going to get food around seven that night and then falling back asleep until the next morning. I woke up okay on Tuesday, but I was kind of shaky on my legs. I drove to work, looking back, that was probably not a good idea because only three hours later, Weston was coming to get me because I was so loopy.

Dr. Child gave me a few more mouth washes to use because I have a tendency toward canker sores. They seem to be working, keep your fingers crossed! So now I have temporary veneers in my mouth. I’m going to be getting custom veneers in about 2 weeks, then in about a month and a half I get the real ones. YEAH!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Voice Lessons!!!

La La La La!!!

All they want is the dancing! I hope'a his is as excited by dancing girls as your new managers, because I will not be SINGING!
- Carlotta Phantom of the Opera

I had my first voice lesson yesterday since I took my break in November. The break was involuntary because Weston lost his job and we couldn't afford it. So I went to see Phantom of the Opera being done by a high school in our area and was totally blown away by the girl that played Carlotta. Seriously, I have never heard that type of technique coming from a high schooler before. After the performance, I asked her who her coach was and got in contact with Barry Bounous (pronounced Ba-noose).

Funny enough, I found out last Sunday that my brother had also taken from him a while back. Small world! Anyway, I get to the Richards Building on BYU campus and I was really confused because the sign says its the physical education building. How am I going to take lessons in a gym, does that make any sense to anyone else? Hot sweaty bodies, huffing an puffing while I'm trying to sing and aria doesn't really appeal to me. Well, it turns out the east side is dedicated to the music and performance departments. So there are practice rooms and studios all over the place. It is actually very nice. I got there early and had to sit in the lobby for a while. Now understand, I hate sitting in the lobby. I hate being there with other people, we are all waiting and staring at each other. AWKWARD!

6:15 came and went and I still wasn't in my lesson. I knocked on the door once to let him know I was there, but it was still about five minutes before I finally got in. But it was worth the wait. He is a great teacher and I'm so excited to be taking from him. The first lesson is always about getting to know each other and getting to know my voice. The first thing he said was 'Yep, you are built for opera.' When I asked about that later he said that larger, taller people have a decidedly larger advange then short, thin people. For once my height will help!

He gave me two songs to work on and they are bellow. Tell me what you think!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eat to Live

Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have a sister that is prettier then you? Well, if you are one of those lucky few, then let me explain it to you. Have you seen the movie You Again with Kristin Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis? Readers digest version, KB's character has a high school nemesis that ends up engaged to her brother. JLC's character's high school nemesis is the aunt. So you can imagine the hilarity that comes out of that. But when they introduce the nemesis characters, their hair fly's back, their eyes sparkle and the birds begin to chirp. Very realistic. But that's besides the point. The point is that sometimes its like that when my sister comes in the room. That is my sister to the right. I love her to death, would do anything for her, but sometimes I wish she would stop being to dang beautiful!

But I was with her this weekend having a girls night with my other sisters for my sis in-law's baby celebration. We live fairly close to each other, so we always carpool to everything. While chatting, the normal topic of my weight came up. Now not in a bad way, but that is something that we talk about. Its a point of concern for me. She told me about this new diet that she tried for two weeks (like she needed a diet) and it really helped purge her body of toxins and she lost 8 lbs. Now on her thats like losing 15 lbs is you compare to a normal person.

So that got me to thinking and I did some research on the diet. It's by Joel Fuhrman called Eat to Live. It's basically a diet that is pure vegetarian for 6 weeks, eating only raw or steamed veggies most of the time. While most of you may think "WHAT? NO MEAT FOR 6 WEEKS!", I'm at my wits end. I have literally tired everything to loose weight short of pills and surgery. My sweet husband has been with me every step and is so supportive, I think he would have shelled out the thousands of dollars for me have surgery. But because we really don't have the money as we are both still in school, we're going with the cheaper version.

The claims that it has are pretty astounding. Some people are claiming over a hundred lbs of weight loss, but the average looks like 35-40 lbs. This is over the 6 weeks or over years. But I feel like its worth a shot. I'm 6'0" and weigh 210 lbs. It's not morbidly obese, but it is overweight and with the history in my family, I don't want to get a incurable disease.

If any of you guys have done this diet, let me know. I'm really interested in it and want to know who else has had success.

Word to your mother!!!!