Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fantasy-Con 2014 Friday

Friday we decided to join in the fun and get all dressed up. Weston got dressed in a costume that my dad made a few years back for LOTR, Aragorn. I went as a 1950's pin up, and Michael was an Ewok from Star Wars. We had purchase a children's harness for him because we wanted him to be able to walk around on his own without him running away. The harness hung out the back of his costume, so it looked like we were walking our Ewok! Super cute. Everyone stopped us to take pictures of Michael, or just pointed and smiled at his cuteness!

We got to go to a few cool panels, including one of the Hillywood Show on how to do video's on a budget, one of pro cosplayers and also one on how to make your own patterns. Some of the panels were really neat and there were way to many to go to each. Sadly, we missed the costume contest because Michael was done for the day. Hmmmm.

This is what you do at a convention with a baby who naps. Walk the halls until he falls asleep!

Fantasy-Con 2014 Thursday!!

We were so blessed to be given two free tickets to Thursday and Friday of Fantasy-Con in Salt Lake City this weekend. I am a total fantasy lover anyway, but I was so excited to be apart of this inaugural year. Also, I was super excited to get to see the actors of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Almost all of the dwarves from Hobbit were there and Sean, Billy and John Rhys-Davies were there. It was so cool to get to watch them sign autographs and do photos. We were very blessed that my mother was available to watch Michael for us on Thursday, so we got to experience the Con sans baby. 

There were some awesome photo op's that were totally free that we TOTALLY took advantage of!!


Fae Fall's, they also had mermaids!!
This rock monster moved and growled at people passing by!

This dragon was seriously awesome!! It also blew smoke out of it's nostrils at different times.

There were also some really amazing cosplayers there showing off their amazing costumes!!!

This group is awesome because everything they do is for charity. They go an visit sick children at Hospitals like Primary Children's Hospital dressed as superheroes to help bring some cheer. Of course Weston HAD to get a picture with them!

This was my 'power pose' on this really awesome throne!
The beautiful Christopher Judge!

There were two experiences we had that were the highlight of the day. The first was Christopher Judge. For those that don't know him, he's Teal'c from the Syfy tv show called SG-1. He was always my favorite and I was so excited to see him there!! I kind of just hung back and watched him for a while before I was able to walk over and say hello. The first thing I said was "You were my favorite!" And continued to digress from there! I went total fan girl on him! I NEVER do that, like seriously ever. But there he was, sitting before me!!! I told him he was an amazing actor and just beautiful (embarrassing!) He was so sweet, genuine and kind. He had an energy about him that was so comfortable and humble, I could have talked to him for hours. Ahhh, sigh. But I told him I didn't have any money, so I couldn't buy a print or autograph, but he just pointed at them and said pick one. I was totally shocked. He signed it for me and made my whole day!!!! If I hadn't liked him before, I would have then!!! Seriously beautiful man, in and out!!!

The second is a total fan girl moment over a product . . . a corset. For those of you that know me, you know I've been looking for a high quality, low cost corset made locally for a while now. The only corsets I could find were ones that I call 'lingerie corset's', ones that are only meant to be worn for 10 minutes. But there was a vendor there, Damsel in this Dress, that I have officially fallen in love with!! First, the corset's are real. As in steel boned, with fiberglass lace-up boning. The fabric was thick, quality that I could wear for years to come. Everything about them made me so happy!!! Also, the owner was like my long lost twin. She is the type of person that I love, ambitious, kind, loving, adorable, beautiful, outgoing . . . I swear I heterosexual! But her personality, combined with the amazing product she produces, I'm hooked now for life!!! Please check them out if you like corset's like I do. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!