Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reasons Why I LOVE Harry Potter

I started reading the HP books shortly after the third one came out. My 6th grade teacher was reading the first one to us in class and I asked if I could take it home over the weekend to read. I wanted to know what happened!!! So I finished it over the weekend and fell head over heals. There was a small space in our closet that I fit into perfectly, so I wrapped up in a blanket, got a flash light and read.
And read.
And read.
I read the book probably ten times in the course of that semester. Seriously. Then I got number two and devoured that one. A teacher of mine had just bought number three, and lent it to me for the weekend. Surprise . . . I devoured that one too!

But let's talk about what the HP series did for me. It gave me an escape, a world where anything could happen and the hum-drum world I lived it vanished for a while. I fell in love with the characters. They became my friends, my confidants and my heart. I was always so excited to visit the HP world because my friends would be
g for me.

Ron, being loyal and caring, in his own stupid way. His u
nfailing support of his friends (even when he's being an idiot, cough- book 4 - cough) gave me comfort that I would someday have someone that would stand by me through thick and thin. No matter what. His humor, saying the wrong things at the wrong time, always made me smile.

Hermione; she was the girlfriend that I think almost all of us wanted. She was smart, and was
more then willing to help you with your school work. You didn't even need to ask! But she would also listen if needed. She was there in the darkest of times, being a shoulder to lean on, and word of support and a hug of comfort. She was also very funny! Her intellectual joking and insulting was the greatest!

And Harry Potter. What do you say about the 'boy who lived'? He was more then a friend. He was almost an extension of ourselves. He was the reason we read the books in the beginning. His story of loss and triumph made us feel like we too could conquer everything. Even the 'Voldemorts' of our own lives. They weren't impossible. We did have the strength and the courage and the ability to fight the battles. We are good enough to believe in ourselves. We are the sculptors of our own fate. Harry was each of us, pointing the way to our better selves.

Thank you JK Rowling for giving us something to love, to cherish, and to pass on to our children.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School, Math and a stupid cold

It is officially the third week of school. Which means, I'm already starting to loose interest in my classes. I have four classes this semester.

Technology 1010 (fulfills my third physical science requirement)
Voice and Diction (looked like a fun class)
Adolescent Literature (seemed interesting)
Math 1010 (I have to)

The math class is Monday through Thursday and two hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Talk about torture. I hate it! My teacher is quiet good, explains more then any other teacher I've had and I enjoy his lectures. The problem is the math part. I really hate the math part. It's worse that two days a week, it's 2 hours of math torture. Lame!!!

On top of school and the stress of new classes and crap, I also have a cold. A really bad cold. Like hacking up a lung, unable to breath, or sleep kind of cold. I spent the entire three day weekend in bed with a humidifier and a defuser. Wonderful time for me. Yippy! Stupid school, stupid cold. And unable to practice for my upcoming auditions.