Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School, Math and a stupid cold

It is officially the third week of school. Which means, I'm already starting to loose interest in my classes. I have four classes this semester.

Technology 1010 (fulfills my third physical science requirement)
Voice and Diction (looked like a fun class)
Adolescent Literature (seemed interesting)
Math 1010 (I have to)

The math class is Monday through Thursday and two hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Talk about torture. I hate it! My teacher is quiet good, explains more then any other teacher I've had and I enjoy his lectures. The problem is the math part. I really hate the math part. It's worse that two days a week, it's 2 hours of math torture. Lame!!!

On top of school and the stress of new classes and crap, I also have a cold. A really bad cold. Like hacking up a lung, unable to breath, or sleep kind of cold. I spent the entire three day weekend in bed with a humidifier and a defuser. Wonderful time for me. Yippy! Stupid school, stupid cold. And unable to practice for my upcoming auditions.



  1. Math would make any budding artist hate school. I still am trying to pass Math 1050 to get into my major. I have failed it one and a half times. I say that because I started to take it over the summer and already bombed to tests so I withdrew from the class. Then I started taking it last fall. well guess what, I bombed the first two tests! So I just stopped doing it because it was too late to withdraw. I detest, loathe and want to kick math in the phase. Math 1010? ok I can see how that would be helpful for me as a teacher, but 1050? Come on!!!! I pulled off a c+ in that class and I worked my A$$ off! I hope you do better than me!

  2. I meant I pulled off a c+ in Math 1010 and where the heck did "phase" come from. Anyway, hang in there girl!