Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why isn't there JUNK when I want IT!

So here is my question, when you are on a diet, is it a good thing to get rid of all the food in your house that isn't approved on the diet? Many say yes. Today I say


Abso-frickin-lutly not! I had a crap day. A bigger then crap day and I wanted to do the one thing that I have been trained to do when I am stressed out. EAT. But because there wasn't anything in the house I could eat, I had to munch on a mango, half a watermelon and a bean lettuce wrap.


Those aren't binging foods. Those are health foods. Thats like me going into a gluten free restaurant and asking for wheat bread. Lame!

To end the day, I was cramping (being a woman is great!), craving and cursing the fact that I was on this stupid diet that won't let me make the Red Velvet cake mix that was sitting on kitchen counter.

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