Thursday, March 3, 2011

Voice Lessons!!!

La La La La!!!

All they want is the dancing! I hope'a his is as excited by dancing girls as your new managers, because I will not be SINGING!
- Carlotta Phantom of the Opera

I had my first voice lesson yesterday since I took my break in November. The break was involuntary because Weston lost his job and we couldn't afford it. So I went to see Phantom of the Opera being done by a high school in our area and was totally blown away by the girl that played Carlotta. Seriously, I have never heard that type of technique coming from a high schooler before. After the performance, I asked her who her coach was and got in contact with Barry Bounous (pronounced Ba-noose).

Funny enough, I found out last Sunday that my brother had also taken from him a while back. Small world! Anyway, I get to the Richards Building on BYU campus and I was really confused because the sign says its the physical education building. How am I going to take lessons in a gym, does that make any sense to anyone else? Hot sweaty bodies, huffing an puffing while I'm trying to sing and aria doesn't really appeal to me. Well, it turns out the east side is dedicated to the music and performance departments. So there are practice rooms and studios all over the place. It is actually very nice. I got there early and had to sit in the lobby for a while. Now understand, I hate sitting in the lobby. I hate being there with other people, we are all waiting and staring at each other. AWKWARD!

6:15 came and went and I still wasn't in my lesson. I knocked on the door once to let him know I was there, but it was still about five minutes before I finally got in. But it was worth the wait. He is a great teacher and I'm so excited to be taking from him. The first lesson is always about getting to know each other and getting to know my voice. The first thing he said was 'Yep, you are built for opera.' When I asked about that later he said that larger, taller people have a decidedly larger advange then short, thin people. For once my height will help!

He gave me two songs to work on and they are bellow. Tell me what you think!



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  1. How fun it must be to take voice lessons. I've always wanted to do that, maybe I will some day. That is a beautiful song, but also sounds tough. Janen likes it too! When I started playing it, she crawled over, climbed up on the couch, sat next to me and started singing and swaying with it. I am glad you are able to do something you love.