Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why does it always feel like good people get screwed?

We have once again had a service tech/maintenance personnel totally lie, bold face to us. This was the second time that we had made an appointment with this guy and he didn't show up. We called and messaged him 15 minutes after the appointment time and heard nothing back for over an hour. By that time Weston and I were already out of the house doing things, like our life. He totally lied to Weston when he eventually did contact us, saying that he was there at 9 and had knocked on the door but no one answered. We were all there in the dinning room next to the door. There were four of us. We would have heard it. He was TOTALLY lying to us. He also told me that he'd had throat surgery the day before which was why he couldn't answer the phone. SERIOUSLY? He called and talked to Weston, but told me that he couldn't talk because of throat surgery. This is the LAMEST excuse I think I've ever heard. And instead of being able to call him on it, we just get screwed. Before you ask why we can't call him on it, it's because we have to work through the management company because he is a private contractor and yelling at him would do nothing. But we both seriously doubt that the manager of the property will do anything. He's proven to be pretty useless.

I just so sick and tired of how people can just lie to us and get away with it. They don't have any problems with screwing us over, making up lies because they aren't/can't be responsible. Be responsible people!!! Because if he had called me and talked to me, he would have gotten a frickin' mouthful!!!

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