Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paris Day 2!!

On the schedule for the day:

Tour of the Opera Garnier, the Paris Opera House
Rehearsal in the Notre Dame






The top of the picture above

Music Library in the Opera
Desdemona's dress from Otello
Frika's dress from Die Walkure
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We ended up singing 5 times in the Opera house. We sang twice on the main steps of the opera house and ended up with a huge crowd of people behind us on the stairs and in each window way watching and listening to us. Then we sang in the hall pictured above twice in a large circle, then a tour guide asked us to sing again for their tour group. It was amazing!!! 




Amazing rehearsal at the Notre Dome. We had the chance to go closer to the sanctuary then anyone that was there. We also got to into the cathedral through the special entrance at the side of the cathedral.

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