Sunday, October 6, 2013


This last week has been filled with major emotional roller-coasters. On Monday, I had an audition for the school opera, which will be Hansel and Gretel this year. I've started seriously studying for our mid-term tests coming this next week, and we are trying in earnest to do some behavioral control with Michael. Those things all together made me a little bundle of nerves, going from happy to seriously depressed on the turn of a dime.

But lets start with the really amazing thing that happened this week. Like I said above, auditions for the school opera where on Monday, and let me tell you, I was totally freaking out. I wasn't sleeping the best because I was pretty stressed about the audition. For me this audition signified the first of many that are to come in my career as a performer. I felt the weight of not just this one audition, but of starting everything off right for the coming Spring semester, and my career at the University of Utah. Yeah, no stress right? So I worked harder than I had before, preparing for the auditions, learning music from the show.

At the auditions, I felt very confident and that whatever happened, I was proud of myself for having accomplished something I seriously thought was impossible. As I am not in the class this semester that would find out first who got what parts, a friend of mine got my phone number and said she would text me when she got the news. I wasn't expecting any word until Friday. But come Tuesday night around 10:00p, the list went up online and I got a text. The conversation is a follows:

"Hayley!!! I knew you could do it! Have you seen the list yet?"
                       "No. What?"
                       "The cast list is up already?"
                       "Ps, who is this?" (As I didn't have her number, but she had mine.)

"Mother in Hansel & Gretel!!! Congrats!"

                        " Not a cover? But the actual role?"

"Yep. But it's on canvas. It will be up on the voicebox door tomorrow as well."
"Jenny. Sorry"
"Yes, ma'am."
"You did it kiddo!"

                         "Wow, I'm kind of shocked."

"Why? You're good. Duh."
                          " :)"

And that's how I found out I got the part of the Mother in Hansel & Gretel, the schools fully stated opera in the spring. Holy WHAT? At first I didn't believe it, my brain thinking it couldn't be true because I am just a sophomore. I was up that night until 2:00am because I couldn't get my brain to stop running.

But any questions I had were dismissed the next day when I got to school because everyone who was in Opera Workshop class were congratulating me on getting the role.

So this is me, 100% excited and ready to do the work for the show! AHHHH!!!!!

(my first opera, what a trip!)

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