Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a Week!

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of WTF!

So, lets just dive into it. 

Friday morning, the last day of May, going to a cool seminar about women with my mother, what could go wrong? NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION!! I'm driving along, listening to Evanescence on Pandora and come to a quickly changing green light to get onto I-15. It was still yellow so I decided to go for it (especially since I was a few minutes late). But at the last second I changed my mind. I didn't want to actually run the red, so I put on the break and slowed down fast. The kid behind me didn't. He slammed right into me, shoving me into the intersection (at the perfect moment by the way because there was no one in the intersection yet). The engine cut and I coasted to the shoulder. There was nothing hit or broken, but as I sat there stunned, I couldn't stop the tears. They burst out without any restraint. The man who had been at the corner pan handling, came up to the window checking if I was okay. I called the police in the heat of the moment, but got a busy signal. They of course called back to ask if I needed anything, and I told them I was fine and I didn't need the police to come. I had already handled it with the other driver, so no need. But just as I get in my car to drive away, the police, the ambulance, a fire truck and a collision truck show up. WHAT? Seriously? Turns out someone else called the police and told them there were injuries. I had to prove to the EMT's that I was fine, so I answered some questions and they were like 'yep, she's fine.' (because of course I can't answer a questions without being sarcastic!) I felt bad for the other driver though, because he got the ticket and it was his first wreck. 

So I was late to the seminar, called 'Queen of the Kingdom'. But the weekend turned out really great. The seminar was all about women really owning their feminine power, letting go of masculine power (when it rules your life) and getting more in touch as women. I liked a lot of the principals she talked about and ideas of how to deal with the negative emotions without dumping on your family. Sadly because of the whiplash, the having to leave to go to the chiropractor twice in the two days, and the mental/emotional trauma on Friday morning, I wasn't able to focus as well as I would have liked. 

But I got another chance because Weston and I went to a relationship seminar, gifted to us by my parents, by the same company. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! For those of you that know me, I'm pretty skeptical of seminars. When people talk to me about how awesome something was, I wait a week to see if there is any change in their behavior. Normally, nothing ever changes and the high that they got from the seminar wears off and they have to find another seminar to get that high again. But from day one of Royalty & Romance, the presenters (a husband and wife, Kirk and Kim) explained that you can have a change of heart in 10 minutes, but it is a process. It's a process to change habits and change behaviors. They taught a lot about how to handle issues that come up in your life so that you can be 100% in your relationships. They gave us real tools, not ambiguous ideas that don't relate to real life, that really do help. Having had a few days away from the high of the seminar I still feel motivated to make changes in our lives. We are making steps forward on our journey for financial/personal success. The things we learned over the three days of the seminar felt good. It felt real. Kirk and Kim felt real, 100% genuine. We had the chance to spend some time with them in a smaller group, where they were able to open up about some really personal things, and you could feel that every word they said was real. They are also a couple that holds to their religious beliefs . . . well, religiously. Their relationship with God means the world to them and they consult him on every decision in their lives. I love that! How amazing is it to find a seminar coach/mentor that doesn't just talk about religion, but proclaims his belief's from the mountain top!!!

On top of that, Michael got a clean bill of health from DDI, the early intervention government people. I had asked them to come look at Michael because of Dr. Peterson's diagnosis of possible corneal dystophy. While they weren't able to do much to look at his eyes, they gave me some really great ideas for what to do about his weight gain. He is still pretty underweight, but I'm hoping that he will start to gain weight with the ideas they gave me. Also, they said his development is well. He's way above on motor skills, they said he would be walking really soon. Most definitely before his first birthday. So that was a nice to hear. Now, just to wait and see what the specialist says. 

Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted. Since Michael is asleep, I'm going to go relax!! 

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  1. amazing!!!! cannot wait to hear more this weekend!!!!!!