Friday, November 16, 2012

First Day Away!

Off . . . off . . . and away!!!!

Tonight is the first night that I will be away from my son. He's three months old tomorrow. AHHH! How this came about: This last week has been really hard for me. Michael use to sleep almost completely through the night until about two months. He hit a growth spurt and decided he needed to eat twice a night. Well, the problem with that was he got use to getting up twice a night, so I've had to put him back to sleep around 2 am every night since then. But this last week has been horrible. He didn't want to sleep, would wake up around 11, cry and fuss, wake up again around 2, then at 3:30, then at 5 some night. He was just generally not sleeping well and because he wasn't, neither was I. Even when I did get to sleep, I didn't get into a good REM cycle. By Friday night (tonight) I was going totally crazy. Really having a hard time dealing with anything. Everything that hit me felt like it was a thousand times worst then it normally would. So, when Weston came home and saw me, he said, not insisted, that I take a break. More then going out for the night. But going out for the WHOLE night. As in over night. He's standing in the bathroom, ordering me to start packing an overnight bag.

My first reaction to this notion, was NO WAY! My son isn't even quiet three months (okay one day puts it as practically) and I'm supposed to leave him alone all night? What the what?

But after taking a nap I woke up feeling like it was actually a good idea. I started to pack a bag. However, it took me almost an entire hour to pack. For one person. For one night. An hour. I think I was stalling, do you? Before I left, I HAD to nurse Michael, change his diaper and get him into his PJ's. It was so hard for me to leave his side. He is so cute! His vocalizing has gotten amazing, his full range of vocals and he was cooing away when it was time for me to leave. I mean, how do you leave the cutest's baby in the world?

But I finally made it. I'm now alone, sitting in front of a computer without a son or husband to think about.

Strange. Very, very strange.

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  1. Those long nights can be so tough! I'm glad you got a night away! I spent my first and only night away when my daughter was 2 months because it was my husband and I's anniversary. I think I called my parents every hour to check on her. Now? Somedays I feel like begging them to take her for a night!