Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When life gets hard

When we have good day's, they're great! When we have bad day's they are the worst that we could possibly imagine. When we have bad months, that's when it starts to rag on you. Let's list out some things that have happened in the last month for Weston and I.

1. Wisdom Teeth removal
2. Complications from WTR
3. Emergency bone graft surgery to fix complications
4. Stitches came out
5. We spend close to $100 on drugs to handle pain and bacteria
6. The FED's took $90 from us because we transfered to much money from our savings account
7. Our credit card was closed because of an incorrect address
8. We just found out we can't afford to go to CA for thanksgiving
9. I'm crazy behind in my classes because of above WTR process

so on and so forth . . .

So pretty much life is crappy right now. I am so sick and tired of dealing with the crap that has come at us for the last month. I am tired of pain and of not having money. I tired of going to school every day when I hate it. I'm tired of looking at the pain in my husbands face because he doesn't feel like he can provide for us. I'm just . . . tired.

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