Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weight Watchers

I've decided to join Weight Watchers. My father was admitted into the ICU last week with complications from Diabetes. It scared me. I got the call from my mother that he had been admitted to the ICU with diabetic keratosis. Basically, it turned his blood to acid and he had no moisture in his body. His body had turned against him. It was very scary going to the hospital, entering the ICU. The last time I was in a hospital was when my nephew Mika died. So, there was a little trepidation about me going to the hospital to see my dad.

Once I got to the hospital, I realized how serious what happened to my father was. He could have died. It was a very real possibility. He didn't, which was great, but it was a pretty big wake up call. I have the same blood, the same family history. My Uncle Ken died because of diabetes, other uncles and aunts have gotten it as well. I am at really high risk. I don't want to go through that. I don't want to die from that.

So once again, I am starting a diet program, but this time I feel different. I feel a more sense of urgency because Weston and I are wanting to have a baby. I don't want to have this excess weight when I get pregnant. But it's really emotional. It's very hard to admit to myself that I have gained 50lbs since I got married. That's 15lbs a year. It's not morbid, but it is dangerous. If I kept going this way in another 3 years, I would be approx. 270lbs. I refuse to do that to myself and to my husband.

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  1. Wow that is super scary! I am so glad your dad is ok! I am glad that you are using this experience as a wake-up call. Really it's not the pounds the matter so much as how you are treating your body. Once you go to your WW meetings, try and find someone that can help hold you accountable and vice versa. I truly hope that you are successful because I care about you and would hate to see anything bad happen to you.