Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weston got a job!!!!

After a month of nothing and weeks of worry and tears, WESTON GOT A JOB!!!!

Happy dance!

He's working for a company that does lighting. You'd think I'd remember it, but not really. But I do know that it pays enough, and we don't have to worry anymore. They way he got it was a little unconventional. He went in for an interview at 10:00am. I figured he'd be about an hour, maybe two if they really wanted to speak with him.

So 12:00pm comes by,

Then 1:00pm,

Then 1:30pm, and by this time I'm starting to get worried. I'm having visions of his body, broken and bleeding on the ground behind some warehouse that is dirty with homeless people. Okay, I got a little carried away, but come on . . . it's me.

So I finally get a text from him at around 1:40 saying 'Oh, we're going out to lunch. I think I got the job.'

Damn straight you got the job! If they are going to keep you on my day off for hours and hours, they had better offer you the job.

But at this point they still hadn't offered him the position.

Then at 3:30 I get the text


Because I had been freaking that morning, then annoyed because they had kept him, then elated because he was offered the job and accepted, I was exhausted. Seriously, that's a lot of emotion to go through in the on day.

Weston came home at 5:45 ish that night with a job, and a first day under his belt.

And all I thought would happen that Friday was maybe a movie.


  1. You have no idea the stress that has relieved. We're not worried about the future and we feel like we can actually plan. Its nice.